Hi, I’m, Rob Slezak as you have just seen in the video to the left, (If you haven’t watched it yet feel free to do so now) The first part of my professional career, I spent 42 years in the utility industry and really didn’t think about getting into the Financial Services arena. Throughout the course of my life I have always had a desire to help people with their personal finances. In following my calling, for 19 years I voluntarily taught Junior Achievement, a middle school financial prep class. I have now taken my experienced financial knowledge along with those same teaching skills and offer my (complimentary) services as a financial coach to families of all ages who have a desire to get out of debt and create a plan that prepares you for your retirement.

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Keeping your money managed properly can be a difficult path to follow if you do not have the right guide.

We have designed a 45 minute webinar to help light the way as you progress to a better future.


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